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About US minghao cosmetic bag

Minghao Bag Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various styles of soft bags in China. We devote to produce high quality textile bags and provide seamless cooperation with clients to get win-win business. We also make great innovation and breakthrough in designing styles, packaging. We have been leading in this line with competitive price as well as high reputation in the market overseas. Our products exported to Southeast Asia, Australasia, Europe and North America.

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Mhgroup produces makeup purses in classic unbeaten fashion concept. The tie-in makeup purses along with the unique design, coupled with attractive appearance and inner quality ornament.

Fashion Bags Travel Bags Cosmetic Bags
  • Day Backpack Day Backpack

    Our day backpacks are grouped to 4 major styles and applications.

  • Lady Handbag Lady Handbag

    Clutch bags or purses are mainly for ladies, some handbag designs are for men. We focus on the simple design with trendy fabric to make a fashion and useful bag for women.

  • Waist Bags Waist Bags

    Waist bag is a package fixed on waist, with small pockets for personal accessories storage. It is a practical bag for travel or daily life.

  • Wheeled Luggage Wheeled Luggage

    Wheeled luggage or roller bags are convenient for travel. There are handle puller wheel bags, Single pull rod bag, double rod bag ,with/without button.

  • Travel Luggage Bag Travel Luggage Bag

    The most popular travel luggage bag is duffel bag, which is with big open mouth for easy putting in stuff. There is also foldable luggage bag, travel totes.

  • Accessories Bag Accessories Bag

    It is a good to organize our travel stuff with accessories bags, or organizers. In this group of bags, there are drawstring bags, zipper pockets, zipper cases, pouches.

  • PU Cosmetic Bags PU Cosmetic Bags

    This category of cosmetic bags are made of PU. PU is short for polyurethane. It is also called synthetic leather, faux leather, or artificial leather.

  • Textile Cosmetic Bags Textile Cosmetic Bags

    Textile cosmetic bags are also widely used by modern people. The textile fabric can be polyester, nylon, canvas, linen and so on.

  • PVC Cosmetic Bags PVC Cosmetic Bags

    PVC can be a environmental friendly material after properly treatment. PVC bags are with advantages of water-resistant and see-through.

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  • Minghao Luggage Travel Bags Manufacturer

    Minghao Luggage Travel Bags Manufacturer

  • Minghao Cosmetic Bag Mnaufacturer

    Minghao Cosmetic Bag Mnaufacturer

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  • Lightweight Backpack Production

    Lightweight Backpack Production

  • Best Makeup Bag For Sale

    Best Makeup Bag For Sale