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Children Backpacks Techniques

How to define a suitable backpack that fits for a kid? We may consider the following elements from the point of design and manufacturing.

 Sports backpacks


The fabric and accessories for the sports backpacks should be safe and durable. The outer and inner fabric , even the accessories like buckles and zipper pullers should pass the related standard test,such as ROHS, REACH.For the durable points, we should check the content that they are new material. The fabric can be polyester, nylon, cotton and so on.


The stitches on the bags should not be missed and some connected parts are needed to be enforced. In this way, the shoulder straps will be easily broken and the pockets are not supposed to loose thing. The treatment of painting and sharp edges on the metal or plastic parts, should carefully removed. This ensure children will not be hurt during usage.

Multiple pockets

durable backpack

Children may carry books and stationery in the backpacks. More pockets to fit different tools and books will be good for easy reach. That normally will be a compartment for books, inner pockets for pens. Side pockets for water bottle and umbrellas or tissues. The pockets help children to organize their personal staff when they are on the go.

Shoulder straps

It is hard thing for a child to carry a heavy bag with uncomfortable shoulder straps. If the straps are thin and narrow, the weight of bag press tight on the shoulders.It is suggest to choose padded straps to easy this situation. That straps should be adjustable for fit for each kids size.

Backpack panel

This part is touching the back bone of kids. It is good to use a padding back panel for straight the shape of the bag and keep the back bone straight. And the soft touch makes feel more comfortable than without padding. If the padding can be wrap with fabric, that will be not so hot for long time carrying.

Children's backpacks

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