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The Potential Of Bags Industry

In recent years, bags, especially those with cartoon image, like the flowers and butterfly knot have become more and more a popular element. Although the cartoon image has been hovering in the commercial and fashion positions, this is the first time to climb up to the bags, and has become a trend.

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Luggage products, especially the backpacks and shoulder bags, the traditional utility functions have been gradually weakened, and decorative function is strengthening. That is to say, the backpack is no longer just a necessity to hold things, but has become a fashion sense, a strong personalized decoration. Many consumers to buy bags are no longer in order to carry a laptop or books, but in order to match the clothes, in order to express a feeling or a different kind of life attitude.

For example, some people, who love military bags a lot, will be devoted to collect  any size of the same brand bags with different usages, including shoulder computer package, single shoulder computer bag, wallet, saddlebags, leg bag, glove bag etc.. Some consumers, will buy a series of different color bags, so that to ware different color every day.

No matter men and women, when they meet fashion personality bags, they always can not help but going in the store for a close look. If they find the bags are unique colors and patterns just expressing their personality, they determine that is  style of their ultimate object. To breakthrough mediocre, to pursuit of personality,  the bags not only can increase the rate of return, but also reflect users own unique sense.

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According to consumers personal style and different social occasions, they will choose respective bags, and constantly following the changes of fashion trends to buy up-to-date bags. This spending habits have gradually become a modern urban life with the consensus.

Of course, we are not advocating to go on a shopping spree.For saving money, it is no blame that you carry the same bag anywhere you go, from work to travel.But inappropriate collocation can cause a loss of the bag value and uniqueness.

In future years, the personalized design of the backpack will be reflected in many aspects, such as crossover appearance design, exaggerated colors, novel carrying way, electronic opening,and also in biological engineering such as design of guard against theft.

Market potential

In recent years, Chinese bag industry has maintained rapid growth momentum, the output value of the average annual compound growth rate of 18.5%.

According to conservative statistics, China's luggage bag market capacity is reaching 140 million RMB, and there is a huge potential for growth every year. Luggage industry has been familiar with the consumer's consumer trends, and said: "there is no outdated fabric, only outdated design".

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In China there are more than 5000 leather product enterprises. The employees are about 900,000. Among them, luggage enterprises are more than 3700, employing about 600000 people. China, as the world's largest export of leather goods, has entered a prosperous period.Luggage and bags are not only a daily consumer good, but also an important fashion and practical elements for everyone.Bags market contains huge business opportunities.

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