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Day Backpack

Our day backpacks are grouped to 4 major styles and applications. They are made of polyester, nylon ,cotton, and PU, or some genuine leather .

First is casual backpacks, which feature on fashion outlook and decorations, with trendy element for each season, unique and novel. They are mostly use for shopping, relaxing trips or party. Such backpack are lady PU Rivet bag, skeleton head bag, punk style bag, heavy canvas backpack, Retro style bags and so on.

Second is the school bags. There are cheap basketball backpack for kids, middle school students, high school students, and college students. Their differences are the sizes, pocket designs and back panel designs. The compartments of these school bags are just fit for the users, with main functions of carrying books,stationery. The backpacks are expected to be durable and comfortable.

Third is the business backpacks, which are mostly used at work, to store documents, laptops, and files. Their designs are concise and practical. These bags are laptop briefcase with shoulder straps, trolley bags with laptop bag, trolley laptop backpacks.

Fourth is the professional backpack. Such as camera backpacks, tool backpacks,diaper backpacks, hiking backpacks. These bags are made to size of the devices and content, so that he inside pockets and organisers are just fit for them.