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  • Children Backpacks Techniques How to define a suitable backpack that fits for a kid? We may consider the following elements from the point of design and manufacturing.MaterialThe fabric and accessories for the backpacks should be ...
  • How Much Weight Can A Shopping Bag Hold? A foldable shopping is easy to carry on all the time when shopping out. Its size can be large as 40x50cm when unfolded and 13x9cm when folded. It is small size and light weight baggage. Besides small ...

Accessories Bag

It is a good to organize our travel stuff with accessories bags, or organizers. In this group of bags, there are drawstring bags, zipper pockets, zipper cases, pouches, toiletry bag, fold-out bags , wall pockets,car trash bag, laundry bag,storage bin, purse insert organizer bag and so on. They are made of soft and thin and lightweight fabric to content more but not adding trouble from more bags. They can be made of polyester, nylon, cotton, PU, PVC, linen and other fabric. Custom made on different size for fit the content. Professional R&D team can work with client to use suitable fabric and structures, with up-to-date decorate elements.